August 5, 2011 at 12:33 pm (Uncategorized)

Hello Cyber World!

So today, I’m cruising some blogs, and as I’m looking at bits and pieces and idea hits me. While cropping with some friends from Page Break (love you guys! The people, sadly the store is closed.) Nic wanted some help with a bit of bling. You know the kind, premade bling flourishes. Well, we all also know that once you take them off the backing they can be really hard to put down on you layout. So, why not just cut them out (the backing is clear after all) and then using micro Glue Dots (love these, and I use so many Glue Dots that I sometimes think I should own part of the company by now. lol) glue them to your page. An added bonus? It’s much easier to weave them in and around other elements on your page this way.

Today, I’m also creating more of my Prima style roses for a layout I’m working on. And I need to take some photos, out side, but I think it’s going to rain today.

What else am I doing today? Packing up some books to send home with my mom in a couple weeks. Well, I’m going to trade her a bag of mine for a bag of hers. lol 🙂 Gotta love having more than 1 person in the family that reads the same stuff. And of course the mandatory job hunting too.  That’s about it.

Hoping to develop a couple photos tomorrow. My daughter and I went for a walk, to Sev’s (7 Eleven) for slurpees the other week. We took the “dangerous” way, the back alleys. Okay, not so dangerous as it was still daylight out. But back alleys have the best graffiti! We actually didn’t find any nice stuff where we walked that night but we did find some spots that made for cool backgrounds for photos. So, a little photo shot along the way, and a slurpee for the walk back. What better way to spend an evening with your teen? Also, want to do a page about my omelets. I think it’s quite funny that somebody who hates eggs likes omelets and I have an idea in my head that will be cute, funny cute. 🙂

Okay, I should get back to my to do list.



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  1. eryn said,

    OMG the bling idea is so simple it’s embarrassing that I used to struggle with the damn things! Good luck with the photos! And make sure you share the page!

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