Prima Like Roses

May 23, 2011 at 1:03 pm (Uncategorized)

So I made these cool roses the other week and I’ve had some request on how to make them. So, here goes. First let’s start with a finished product photo to entice you. 🙂 I made the first 5 and my DD made the last one. Two of the ones I made are made with pre-made Primas; that uses a couple different steps.

We are going to make ones like the plaid ones shown above. Supplies needed:

The circles are in 1, 1.25, 1.5, 1.75 and 2″. We will be using 5 circles in 4 sizes. You need two of the smallest or largest circles. The steps will be the same either way. I usually use two of the smaller, but have done it the other way also and they both look good. 🙂 Let’s see, you will also need Glimmer Mist (my choice) or a spray bottle of water, ink (optional, I didn’t use it one these ones), scissors, needle nose pliers, a pencil, fast drying liquid glue and Stickles or loose glitter. Also, a couple 5 petal flatish flowers would be helpful.

Lightly mist your circles with mist or water on both sides. This makes the paper pliable and easier to work with when shaping. While waiting for them to dry mark circles in fifths(every 72 degrees, I used a pre-made flower to make my marks the first dozen times or so). Using your marks as a guide cut your circles into  5 petal flowers. Don’t worry about your small pencil marks, they won’t show. If you want to ink the edges, do it now.

Your circles/flowers should look something like this. Bend the petals back and forth (once in each direction works). Now get out your handy dandy pliers and curl the petals of your flowers. This step will need to be done rather quickly, as dry paper is more difficult to shape.

Do the 3 largest one this way. This is the under side of one. Do the 2 smallest with the curls going in opposite directions; one under, one over.

This is a small flower. Next you will want to shape this into a rough cone shape. I put a tiny amount of glue along the edge that is curled in and attach it to the petal next to it, about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way to the far side of it. Clear as mud? This leaves you some room to adjust the petals later on and make them more bud like. Next you will do the same thing with the second smallest flower but don’t glue the petals so far over, only about 1/4 of the way. Set these aside to allow the glue to set. Next take the two largest flowers and glue them together making sure to put the petals of one flower in between the petals of the other. Also, keep them centered, or your rose will be wonky.

Now add the third flower to the bottom two, following the same directions. You should have a set of flowers/petals like this:

Still with me? See the one in the bottom right? I some times do that one a little tighter and make the third layer look like that. Just makes it a little different. Next step, apply a little glue to the bottom of your bud and center it into the second layer, off setting the petals.

Set aside for a moment to dry. Go get your self a glass of wine; the hard part is over. 😉 When that’s dry add it to your bottom layers, centering and off setting as before. Use your pliers and adjust the petals to your liking.

I held it together this way for only a moment. Ididn’t wan t my pliers to be stuck there. Let it dry completely. When dry add Stickles, I used my finger to apply the Stickles and get a “more natural” dewy look. Not that glitter on flowers every really looks natural. 😛 I also added a dollop of Glossy Accents to the center because I had left it more open than I had intended.

The finished product:

Set aside and allow to dry for several hours. When dry add a glue dot and attach to project of your choice. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed this and that I did not confuse the heck out of you.


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  1. Jamie Cripps said,

    These are so beautiful – love them all!

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