First Car Accident

August 2, 2010 at 1:30 pm (Uncategorized)

Hee hee, not much to tell. But kind of funny.

I was on my lunch hour and going to pick up a few items at Co-op. It had snowed so much that there were these huge piles in the middle of the street. They were finally getting the none essential routes cleared. I could hardly see over the snow piles. I needed to make a right hand turn into the parking lot, so I slowed to a crawl to check traffic coming the other way. Had to come to a complete stop and wait for a vehicle to go by. Then bam! I went flying forward, but only a little. Thank goodness I wear a seat belt. Didn’t even get whiplash. So, I get out and it’s Warren. lol One of my brother’s friends. He said he was so shocked by the height of the snow piles that he wasn’t watching where he was going and didn’t see that I had stopped. So, we check the cars. Not even a scratch on mine but, he did a good job on his front bumper. Nice little sporty car, with fiberglass bumpers. Mine was a little older, my “rust bucket” I used to call it. So, I guess thank goodness for real bumpers as well as seat belts. He asked if I was going to report it. Knowing that I couldn’t afford my insurance to go up, and MB is a no fault car insurance province so I would be at fault to some extent no matter what. I said that since I had no damage I wouldn’t. Plus it’s a nice friendly thing to do if you can. Illegal, yes I know, but nice. Neither of us had to have an increase in insurance or had to deal with all the time consuming issues of reporting the accident. Also, neither of us was hurt, because let’s face it you don’t get too badly hurt when both cars are only going 5km/h in the first place. Warren said he would pay for his repairs and off we went. I was glad too because it was almost Christmas and I just could not afford to even pay my deductible and Christmas stuff. So, off I went and didn’t really think any thing about it until my mom calls and asks me about it. She worked with Warren and he had told her he ran into me in Dauphin, literally. lol Gives new meaning to that phrase. She was glad neither of us was hurt and that my car was okay.

So, a few weeks later I’m at my mom’s for Christmas Dinner and she mentions the accident again. We are talking about it and she tells me that it cost Warren about $700 to fix his car. I felt bad because if we had reported it it would not have cost that much, it would have in the long run with demerits on our licenses and increased insurance. But he lives out of town and has to drive to work and I’m sure he could not afford that expense just before Christmas any more than I could. However, living in a small town he could probably pay it in installments and still get to take his car home.

Kind of funny actually. We all laughed about it at the time, well until Warren got his bill. It’s the only car accident I’ve been in while driving. I was in one other, forgot about it until just now, but I was a passenger. That car was stopped too. Hee hee.


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