We all deal with grief in different ways

May 11, 2010 at 12:01 am (Uncategorized)

Today I found out that my Grandma died. My DD has not been kind about this. She has basically told me to get over it. She didn’t know this Grandma well and doesn’t really feel it the way I do but she is forgetting that I did know her well enough to be this upset.

Okay, I just needed to grouch about that before I send her flying to the funeral without needing a plane. Grrr!!!

So, I thought I’d tell you a little about my Grandma and me. She came to live with us for a bit after my parents separated. She taught me to be a “lady”. Every time somebody calls me lady-like I laugh and think of her. And by no means am I lady-like. I can take care of myself thank you! I think I might have gotten my independent streak from her along with my looks and uhm… boobs. Back to the lady-like thing. When people meet me for the first time that is what they see, no matter what I am wearing at the time. I think this is hilarious because I remember beating up boys, some of them bigger than me. Not that that was a good thing. I didn’t get many dates as a teen.

One day I went into work and my boss, Patti, says to me “Your Grandma stopped in to see you yesterday.” I had stayed home because somebody was sick. I looked at Patti puzzled because she had never met my Grandma but she is an outgoing woman so she must have introduced herself to Patti. I asked Patti if that was so and she looked at me like I was nuts and said that the second she walked in the door Patti knew who she was because I was the splitting image of her. I have spent my life hearing how much I looked like my Dad or his sister but never his Mom. I thought Patti was nuts! lol The next time I saw my Grandma she had had her hair cut short, first time ever that I knew of, and WOW! I did look exactly like her, but much younger.

As much as it was sometimes a pain to take her out to run her errands I also enjoyed spending time with her. And it was so cute to see her talk to other people. She almost always found a way to work her age into the conversation. And everybody was so surprised because she has never looked her age. I hope I get that trait too. lol It’s only fair, right? If I have to have the boobs I should get the great skin too. lol

I always thought she would live to see 100! Just to prove she could. She had a rough couple years but once her doctor decided that yes something needed to be done about the problem she was having then everything was okay again. She was low on vitamin B.

Of my two grandmothers she was always the healthier of the two. I thought my Memere would go first. Yes, my Grandma was older but healthier and sharp as a tack right up to the end, I’m sure. Even though I was not there or in much contact with her lately.

My Grandma had “the sixth sense”. She would know things before they happened. I get that from her too. I don’t always know but often enough for it to be creepy. Also, it’s like she has been trying to say good bye to me through telepathy. I have been thinking about her and talking about her a lot lately. Way more than I normally would.

She was also a very lucky person who often won raffles and such. So much so that one time when DD and I went to a tea with her and DD won the door prize (she had gone to play at the park so I had to go get it), the whole room groaned and said “Not another one!” lmao I told them not to look at me as I almost never win any thing. They thought that was good. lol

She was one of the most beautiful people I have ever know, inside and out.

Well, if you’re still reading thank you for reading my little tribute to my Grandma. She is gone to meet her darling husband again. She will be so happy to see him as I know even all these years later she thought of him often. And she will meet the Lord who she always followed and who always took such good care of her. Even if she was a tad stubborn, in a good way of course. 🙂

Bye Grandma! I will love you always.


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