Jan 29, 2009

January 29, 2009 at 10:32 pm (Uncategorized)


Man, where has the month gone? Got some time this weekend? Come scrap with us at http://www.skrapnchat.com/forum/. Not much happening otherwise. I took a nap tonight instead of cleaning my floors. 😛 Guess I’ll be doing them this weekend. I had wanted to have all my chores done so I could just scrap but….

I think I hate my car. We’ll have to wait and see how it goes. A new car is not supposed to do this crap. One of the reasons I chose a new car.

I’ve been working on getting back to my old schedule. I miss it. I don’t like when I throw it out of whack, especially for long periods of time. What happened to the time when I just did what ever? Oh right that was before DD. lol

Need to go pay my rent tomorrow. Didn’t do it yesterday, I went to the LSS instead. ::) And today my car was in the shop. But I don’t have anything else I want/need to do at lunch so should be good to go. Well, I should go check on my favourite sites before I have to go to bed. Night cyberland!

PS: Tonight DD told me it’s my fault  that we are not a normal family. I was ticked. But I asked her nicely to write me a letter explaining what her idea of a normal family is. She asked why and I said so that I would know what I’m doing wrong. She said, “We’ll never be a normal family. I’m just weird and your….” I just laughed at that comment. Yes, I’m a little weird too.


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Happy New Year Cyberland!!

January 2, 2009 at 5:55 pm (Uncategorized)

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday! I’m half watching the movie Sprit with DD, and chatting on line at the same time. Okay, so the reality is I don’t want to watch this movie too closely because it makes me cry. 😦  So what is everybody up to these days? Not much going on here. Just life as usual. Did you make any resolutions? I didn’t. I don’t because I am wise enough to know that it’s too much pressure on myself. (Okay, I peeked at the movie and am now bawling like a baby!) I do need to lose some weight so I’ll be working on that but it’s not a resolution. Unfortunately it’s a life long struggle.

Any digi scrappers read my blog? A friend of mine made this awesome kit and has it for sale on her blog: www.erynsscraps.blogspot.com I borrowed your preview (hope you don’t mind). Just click the link above. She does beautiful work.


What else do I have to say today? Probably nothing so maybe I should just go. Night!

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